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Great expertise
MacBe has a prominent leading position when it comes to integration of complete radio systems. Since its formation in 1992 the owner and founder of this company has been involved in projects covering virtually all aspects within this field. A small selection of its offerings includes: user interface concepts, development of integrated circuits (Chips) and algorithms for the Radio Data System (RDS), as well as the design, production and testing of complete products.

Through the scale and range of its activities, the company has managed to build an unparalleled level of expertise, with a substantial network of specialists to serve a wide and diverse range of customer projects and requirements.

The company’s expertise guarantees that in general project specifications are completed with fast turn-around times and cost-effectiveness, whilst maintaining the highest level of accuracy and quality.

MacBe is also a “one-stop-shop”, meaning customer’s entire projects can be fully outsourced to our company, with us handling every step in the process from concept to realization: starting with design and development followed by prototyping through to full production and testing.

Of special note deriving from our rich diversity of activities and expertise is our highly professional consultancy targeting applications based on or related to the Radio Data System (RDS). The founder of the company is a pioneer of this technology, having stood at the cradle of this system some thirty years ago when it was specified, and has been active using this technology ever since, being a major contributor to its ongoing development and evolution. In recognition of his many activities and contributions to RDS he was appointed an “honorary member” of the RDS Forum: the International Organization of specialists in the field of RDS and RBDS (the North American variant of the system).

On another part of this site you will find information on an exciting R(B)DS hardware and software product relating strongly to this technology: TRX011. This comprises a high quality receiver and RDS decoder to evaluate all aspects of existing applications and systems and (uniquely) an integrated RDS encoder and low-power transmitter to support the development of new applications and algorithms: the package is complete and available at a very low cost.

System control
Another specialization lies in the area of driving electronic circuits from a PC or micro-controller through a variety of “bus” systems, like I2C, SPI or even Bluetooth or WiFi. Development times are usually remarkably short due to the vast experience in this area. Dedicated interfaces and libraries are also available from our company.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, then please feel free to contact us.

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